Whatever Happened to Liverpool FC

I am 29 and have been following and enjoying watching and cheering for my favorite clubs. Third on my list is Liverpool. They are English football’s most successful club with 40 trophies, including 18 League titles (tied with Manchester United) and a 5 time European Champions. But what happens now to Liverpool FC?

With their recent and poor Premier League run with Roy Hodgson, the financial turmoil that led to the ownership of an American company New England Sports Venture (NESV), who own a portfolio of companies including the Boston Red Sox, New England Sports Network, Fenway Sports Group and Rush Fenway Racing last October 2010 and the poor form of the players including Fernando Torres, it seems that the future for the Reds is a bit dusky.

The Reds has not lifted any major trophy since their thrilling 2006 FA Cup win against West Ham United and 2005 EUFA Champions League against Milan both on penalty shoot outs. I wonder why? They got brilliant and talented players with the likes of Gerrard and Torres but winning a goal is hard. I am no sports analyst but I think that the things that Liverpool needs to do to bring back the glory are: First, somebody has to step up and play big to inspire the team; second, everyone who supports the club should boost the morale of each other and continue believing; and lastly, the owners and management should do sound investment with players. An addition to Gerrard and Torres backing them up to score a goal is highly needed.

Football is a derby and winning is important. We make everyone happy when we win and when everyone is happy, there will be no complications. Although, there are times that getting a goal is dull on the first half, we still need to mobilize and create a play that will work to our advantage. We need to have our best foot forward and press on defense while the ball is out of our hands.

But in the end, with everything said and done, loyalty will bring about great impact to the club. We all desire to win but hey, it’s not always Christmas is it. When we lose, we stand up and show them what a great club Liverpool is. We all need each other’s help. We made it happen a lot of times and we can still make it happen.

As the old song goes:

“When you walk through the storm;  keep your chin up and high; and don’t be afraid of the dark; at the end of the storm; is a golden sky; and the sweet silver song of a lark…….and you’ll never walk alone, you’ll never walk alone.”


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A football enthusiast who also loves food, travel, photography and anime.

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