Macca is out! Weiss decision?

I was out with a friend somewhere in Makati when another friend texted me of the latest news about Azkals. He said that Dan Palami, Philippine National Football Team Manager announced on national tv through ANC that they have a new coach! I went over my tweets and confirmed the news. The German Coach Hans Michael Weiss who have quite an impressive resume, will be the new coach of the National Team.

In Simons twitter account, he said, “Feels totally disrespected. No call, email, text, nothing. Been told by a friend who watched it on TV, this is not how to treat people.” He added when asked what’s going on, “…not heard a thing, reading what’s happening on Facebook….unbelievable.” He also cited in the conversation over twitter, “really disappointed..Not in being replaced, it happens in football…but the lack of respect…I don’s deserve that.”

While the social networks and media is clueless on why Dan and the PFF made the decision, Mr. Palami posted in his Facebook page as a clarification:

“Two things. First, to Simon and the other candidates, my apologies. After a 16-hr travel, finally arrived from Germany after meetings with DFB…went straight to the wedding of a family friend. In the middle of the ceremony, I received text messages that twitter is abuzz about a new coach and there are complaints about Simon not being informed about it. I was going to make an official announcement only after I had written all the other candidates about the decision taken, including Simon, but it seems Twitter beat me to it.

Second, thank you to all the Azkals supporters. Your passionate opinions on the matter show your great interest in the team’s future. Our opinions and interpretations of events may sometimes differ, but I know we’re all driven by the same love of the game. Thank you for supporting Philippine football.”

If we recall, Coach Simon is still waiting for the necessary license for the AFC Challenge Cup in which the AFC strictly monitors. He was also aware of the Germany trip and definitely cognizant about getting the help of Hans Weiss, a candidate for head coach of the team. The German, who have an admirable football eHexperience was also featured in Ricky Olivarez’s Bleachers Brew last January 4 and I admit that reading through his qualifications i felt my blood pumping faster. I was excited to have him on board for the National Team. Although, it never crossed my mind that Macca will be replaced, thus, having Weiss co-coach the team.

But, with what had happened today, the announcement of the new coach replacing McMenemy, with his efforts, dedication and beliefs for Philippine Football, my world somehow is drowning as a mega tsunami hits the high grounds. I felt sorry for the guy. He tried to “work” on his license and still is waiting for the results. Whether or not the decision of PFF Management is right or wrong, it boils down in to the action made. I bet all Azkaleros are excited to have a very talented coach with the persona of Weiss but at the same time, we are in sympathy for McMenemy for not getting a much needed treatment to someone who contributed in bringing back the interest of this basketball loving nation to FOOTBALL.

We, in behalf of my football loving friends, are still with Azkals on whoever the coach is. We wish and truly hope that we do better in the AFC Challenge Cup as the sacrifices and effort of Macca and the team will be put into limbo once more.


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